Reiki is a non-invasive, effective, and powerful
form of energy healing. Practitioners use light
hands-on touch to facilitate healing by moving energy
through the universe, to our clients. Clients remain fully
clothed during the entire session, which lasts between
30-90 minutes.

Reiki is a great compliment to many forms of
healing, such as drug therapy, surgery, mental health, etc. Reiki is not
affiliated with any particular religion; however, Reiki can be an amazing spiritual journey for some clients who are working on that area of themselves.
Option 1: Pain Focused or Chakras Balance - $40.00
. 30-minute session focused on an identified struggle with physical pain.
Option 2: Balance - $70.00
. 50-minute session that focuses on balancing of all Chakras, with 10 minutes of processing